Getting ready to talk with media.

Any media interview is obviously an opportunity to get your point across. Be aware that interviewers aren’t going to ask you a set list of questions and they are not going to ask you the questions you want. The first thing you must do is prepare, prepare and prepare. Know what you want to say […]


We live in a savvy snappy hi-tech world moving faster than a speeding bullet. Millennials know automatically when they are being snowed. It’s become clear that the public – the very public you address – expect and want to be told the way it is. They don’t expect people to spin a line or outright […]

Know Your Product

ANY successful media encounter needs simple and critical ingredients. Insight, knowledge and examples. KNOW your product. Know why you are there and WHAT you are selling. There’s really nothing the matter with “selling”. It’s what we all do during any PR campaign. PR Companies in Melbourne and across the nation know this all too well. We are […]

Handling a PR Crisis

One of the first things some companies do if a crisis hits is the worst thing you can do – HIDE. The thinking seems to go along the lines that if no comment is made, that will work well as a strategy and stop the story developing. Rarely is this the case … media are […]

Some of the Key Elements You Need for a Good Media Release

There are many ways of looking at a media release.  The bottom line is it’s a release of information designed to get media interested in your story. So the first thing you need to do is have an attractive and catchy headline. Some people will tell you a headline should only be one line.  That’s […]