Loud – and clear … cutting through

Cut through for your key messages is CRITICAL

In the fastest moving communication age yet (and getting more bullet train by the minute) consumers are constantly being bombarded by messages from pr companies in Australia – via a gallon of social media, digital channels and platforms, magazines, TV shows, radio programs, newspapers and magazines… all washing through a 24/7 news cycle.

Here at Media Key we know that all campaigns have to be focused on one key word: RESULTS.

Fluffy bunny stuff does not cut it. White wine swilling PR doesn’t achieve any more than it says. It’s about PRO-ACTVITY and getting on the FRONT FOOT. It’s about doing the work … and being heard.

Media are more bombarded than ever by PR firms in Australia and they now have fewer and fewer resources to do it.

So … Media Key will always take the time to research the most effective ways of cutting through for you and your messages. To be heard loudly … and clearly .. you need to be different, quirky, surprising and most of all TRUTHFUL.

Consumers can see straight through PR Waffle … and so can media. We don’t expect to be “snowed” with nonsense. It’s the beauty of the digital age. Amen to that.

Australian PR companies need to be very aware that the age of spin in done and dusted. OVER.

PR Companies in Australia who think they can bend angles on information and fool media are ultimately fooling two organisations – themselves and their clients.

So … we will find YOUR points of difference … and work out the sharpest ways (in a non gimmicky way) to get attention.

We know this too.

You only have ONE reputation.

It’s your name … and it’s why people trust you. So protecting that precious reputation is crucial. That means creating campaigns that are seen for what they actually are … powerful and TRUSTWORTHY.

We love our work. It’s not always fun … and it’s not always been love… now we KNOW we are here to create meaning and that – frankly – does it for us!

What we love the most is creating CHANGE and educating consumers in a sassy way.

We are here to make a difference … and the one constant you can always rely on in life is change. We love moving at a high speed, adapting to changing conditions and times and getting the word out there.

We are a Public Relations Agency in Australia committed to excellence – and making a MEANINGFUL difference.

Media Key also knows it has ONE reputation. We protect it fiercely.

It’s all about people knowing they won’t get “spin” or “waffle” but will be given high quality information that is worthy of debate … and information that will help people make a much more informed choice.

And yes I’m afraid we were ALWAYS asking questions at school! Nothing’s changed.

We look forward to chatting to you – obligation free – and helping you with your mission. Call us … challenge us … paint the biggest picture … because it can always be done. Don’t tell us it can’t!
ANYTHING’s possible.