We live in a savvy snappy hi-tech world moving faster than a speeding bullet.

Millennials know automatically when they are being snowed.

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It’s become clear that the public – the very public you address – expect and want to be told the way it is.

They don’t expect people to spin a line or outright lie to them – though all too often that’s what they get.

So … if you’re out there pushing an important message for the public to take notice of … STOP fluffing about.

Tell it the way it is – and speak your truth. The audience will appreciate you all the more.

We ALL know when someone’s spinning a line … so don’t.

We ALL know the obvious sound of insincerity. So be sincere.

We ALL know the clear sound of a cover up – so get to the point …and tell your truth.

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Prepare your messages carefully. Take the time to see how they sound.

Will they convey what you are really trying to say?

Is it in plain speak? Can ANYONE understand your key points?

Do they sound sincere?

Companies who get to the point and communicate in a clean reasoned manner are always going to be listened to more.

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Ross Woodward runs Media Key – a successful Australian PR company with over 25 years direct experience with just about every type of media.

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