PR Campaign Results

Red Shield Appeal

This massive PR campaign was simply designed to dominate media exposure for The Salvation Army’s huge annual fundraiser. The model Media Key has created provides multi-layers of media exposure and phenomenal value.

The coverage generated was independently analysed by MediaScape (Australia’s biggest independent media valuation service) as worth $15.6 million. The television coverage alone was worth $12.7 million.

Highlights included:

50 television interviews and news pieces about the launch of the Red Shield Appeal took place.

TV coverage included the following shows:

Many TV programs mentioned the Appeal thanks to Media Key’s work. These included the following:

Media launches in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Launceston, Brisbane and Darwin took place as part of the campaign.

Leader Newspapers in Melbourne and Cumberland Newspapers in Sydney substantially supported The Red Shield Appeal.

Many major papers covered the Appeal including:

Media Key generated 15 metropolitan and national feature radio interviews – covering all cities of Australia and over 80 radio interviews covering all states and territories.

We also generated 200 separate newspaper photo shoots for the campaign…a massive exercise and coordinated all the shoots.

Swim and Survive

For Royal Life Saving, Media Key created a large scale PR campaign to highlight that 1 in 5 Australian kids leaving primary school has virtually no swimming skills.


The hard hitting campaign included large scale TV pieces, huge print exposure and many radio interviews plus social media activity and a call to action for members of the public to sign a petition demanding change. Over 13,000 people signed as a result of our work.

Media Key generated over $7 million worth media coverage for the campaign.

TV exposure was – put simply – huge. There were 39 television pieces including 9 national television pieces including:

Over 95 radio interviews were generated including:

Media Key arranged for major newspaper chains to support the initiative including Cumberland Newspapers in Sydney, Quest Newspapers in Brisbane, Messenger Newspapers in Adelaide and Leader Newspapers in Melbourne.

This huge support resulted in the petition – demanding swimming lessons becoming compulsory in all schools – being signed by over 13,000 people across the nation.

The issue is now firmly on the national agenda and the Federal government are now analysing what needs to happen next.

Able Australia

This extensive PR campaign raised the profile of deafblindness in Australia. Media Key highlighted that there will be over a million deafblind Australians by 2050 and a huge crisis on deafblindness is looming for Australia with hidden costs of at least $10 billion.


3 national television pieces were in place including ABC News Breakfast, Channel Ten’s Breakfast and Channel Ten’s The Circle.

Media Key generated over $7 million worth media coverage for the campaign.

Over 65 radio interviews took place including:

Swimmer Duncan Armstrong and comedian Mark Mitchell supported the campaign

Many newspapers across the country ran pieces about the campaign

Alcohol Awareness

The national Alcohol Awareness campaign creates more debate in the community about alcohol, how it is used and the impact it can cause. Over $3.5 million worth of media was generated through pure PR activity.


Our significant campaign has a strong news base.

The research released revealed 4.2 million people say they know families where they think children are not being properly cared for because of someone’s alcohol abuse and 2.9 million people say they know families where they think that children may be unsafe because of someone’s alcohol abuse.

Highlights of the campaign included:

8 national television pieces were generated including:

Overall there were around 60 television pieces in place including:

Over 160 radio stations ran pieces/interviews on this campaign.

29 metropolitan stations did news interviews generated by Media Key in a blitz on news desks.

Launches were done in each capital city – coordinated by Media Key.

There was coverage in numerous national/metropolitan papers including The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, West Australian and the Northern Territory News.

National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee

Major Report on indigenous prisoners and the need for them to be diverted into treatment


Media Key was engaged to raise awareness about the need for non-violent indigenous offenders to be diverted into treatment because data shows that $111,000 can be saved per year per offender by diverting non-violent Indigenous offenders into treatment instead of prison.

Significant exposure has created more debate about the topic.

This included:

119 radio interviews were generated for the campaign including:

Print media coverage included: